Tutorials on Chinese Archery

This page features supplemental videos and articles that will help you get started with practicing Chinese Archery. We place a specific emphasis on practicing Gao Ying's Ming military archery form (as described in our book, "The Way of Archery: A 1637 Chinese Military Training Manual"). Even if you practice other Chinese styles, other Asiatic styles, or even other traditional styles of archery, we hope that you can also find some of this advice useful for your own practice.

Preparing for Your First Lesson

If you have scheduled an introductory lesson with us, we recommend that you watch these videos prior to the lesson.

Walkthrough for Student's First Lesson

The Bow Shoulder

The Draw

The Release


The following articles provide a brief primer on how to get started with Chinese Archery, including how to choose equipment and how to get started learning technique.


We will occasionally post tutorial videos as supplements to the material in our book, The Way of Archery.

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How to Use the Archer's Thumb Ring

Gao Ying's Double-Hook Thumb Draw

Gaozhen Practice

A Simple Shooting Protocol

Thinking About Getting An Asiatic Bow?

Arrows for Asiatic Archery

The Bow Shoulder

The Draw

Waist Cable Stringing Method

The Release

How to Measure Your Thumb Ring Size

Demonstrations and Applications

Our system of Chinese archery is appropriate for all strength levels and draw weights (light, medium, and heavy).

Because it is a Ming military style of archery, we are able to use Gao Ying's archery technique (and a safe training regimen) to safely draw military-weight bows.

Shooting Ming Arrows at Chinese Brigandine

Shooting at Chinese Lamellar

131# Bow (Ambidextrous)

138# Bow

Rapid Shooting 100# (Update & Final Thoughts)

Slow Shooting with 100#

Long Distance (70 meters) Demo