Traditional Asian Archery Program

Part of UC Berkeley's Cal Archery Club, this is the first collegiate program in the US focused on Asian-style archery with the thumb ring.

Bay Area Asian Archery

Based in California's Bay Area, this is a gathering of like-minded friends practicing and helping one another with archery using the Asian-style thumb ring.

Orange County Traditional Chinese Archery

Based in Orange County, California, this is a practice group dedicated to sharing heritage of Chinese archery with others in Orange County and other parts of Southern California.

Boston Shedao

Our friend Philip is an active Shedao practitioner based in Boston, Massachusetts.

Seattle Traditional Chinese Archery

Our friend Duke is an active Shedao practitioner based in Seattle, Washtington.

Chinese Archery New York

Friends from New York City who have established a traditional Chinese archery practice group.

North Texas Chinese Archery Program

Our friend George is an active Shedao practitioner based in Dallas, Texas who has been teaching new archers the traditional Chinese style.

Asia and Oceania

Thailand Chinese Archery Program

Based in Thailand, this group is dedicated to the research and practice of everything related to Chinese archery. กลุ่มวิจัยและฝึกฝนการยิงธนูแบบจีนโบราณ

Melbourne Shedao

Based in Melbourne, Australia, this practice group is dedicated to traditional Chinese archery or Shedao (射道, the Way of Archery).